Bitcoin [BTC], the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is often referred to as the king of the cryptocurrency market as it is the reason behind the inception of several other currencies in the market. The coin continues to be the highlight of the cryptocurrency space after news regarding its 10th anniversary and its breach of key resistance points made headlines.

This time around, the king coin was in the spotlight after the total number of transactions surpassed the 400 million mark. According to data available on Blockchain, Bitcoin’s total transaction count was recorded to be 400,042,017 [Four hundred million forty-thousand and seventeen] as of 9th April 2019, 05:30.

Source: Blockchain
Source: Blockchain

During the same timeframe, the number of daily confirmed Bitcoin transactions was noted to be 346,071. Additionally, the highest number of daily confirmed transactions for the past year was on 2 April 2019, with 401,507 transactions.

That aside, recent data presented by Kevin Rooke, a well-known cryptocurrency researcher, showed the number of addresses that owned $1, $100, $1000, and $10,000 worth of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV. The data suggested that the total addresses that owned $1, $100, $1000, and $10,000 worth of Bitcoin were more than other cryptocurrencies.

Kevin Rooke said on Twitter,

“There are more addresses with $1,000 of BTC than there are with $1 of LTC”

To this, @MyLegacyKit, a Twitter user said,

“No, not correct. “There are more addresses with $1,000 or more of BTC than there are with $1 or more of LTC.” Fixed. “

Additionally, Bitcoin marked another milestone recently after its transaction per block surpassed its all-time high twice, within 10 days. The first all-time high record was set on 20 December 2017, when Bitcoin was close to its all-time high value of $20000. The transaction per block, at that point in time, was recorded at 2,722.

This mark was breached on 26 March 2019, with the new record set at 2,734. Interestingly, this mark was also broken at the end of the month, when the coin’s transaction per block reached 2,745.