After the Dorian hurricane hit the Bahamas recently with nearly 100,000 people left homeless, Tether allocated 1 Mln USDT to help them

Tether Donates 1 Mln USDT to Hurricane Dorian Survivors, Invites Crypto Community to Join in

In a recent blog post, the team of Tether Ltd spread the word that it plans to donate $1 mln in its USDT dollar-backed coin to help the people who survived after Dorian Hurricane rolled along the Bahamas, also hitting the Southeastern US states and the Atlantic region of Canada.

Wikipedia calls it “the fifth tropical cyclone, fourth named storm, second hurricane, and the first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.”

The crypto community, headed by Binance and Tether, stands up to the consequences of the natural disaster, trying to assist those who survived in it, as well as to sponsor the reconstruction of the Bahamas that suffered from the disaster the most.

Tether is donating $1M and has set up an address to collect donations in Tether (USDt) to support humanitarian relief efforts in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian.

Tether to give one mln USDT, invites others to join in
The money will be sent via Deltec Cares, a non-profit charity firm. Tether also encourages other members of the global crypto community to offer their financial help to the victims of the disaster to let them recover, provide them with food, medication and shelter for the time being.

Tether has set up two addresses for accepting donations – in USDT Omni and EOS-based USDT, anyone is free to use them to transfer the amount they can afford.

Binance is also taking part in the charity initiative to raise funds to help those who were hit by the hurricane.

Had McAfee not escaped from the Bahamas in June fearing extradition, who knows if the former antivirus mogul would be with us now – the hurricane hit the islands in late August.

At the moment, McAfee is struggling with a $100-mln lawsuit from the Zombie Coin team who hired him for writing the white paper for them and shilling the coin.

However, after the crypto baron published a draft of the white paper, the team accused him of giving the project a bad name and started threatening to sue him.

By Yuri Molchan